Creation vs consumption

I recently wrote about my experience of struggling with attention in the digital world. Recently, I went on a Twitter hiatus of 1 week & later on extended it to 1 month after results. I’m feeling much calmer, focused & most importantly creating more than I consume & it feels great. Constantly creating is really important to freelancers like me who pay their bills by creating stuff.

Though, the idea of creating more than consuming sounds easy. But in practice, it’s really hard to apply. To give you a reality check, It’s one of my key resolutions for this new year, it took me 3 months just to get started.

It’s much easier & comforting to just staying laying on the couch & kept scrolling Facebook or finishing newly released Netflix Tv series in 1 day. But do you feel energetic or ready to create something after these activities? I don’t. The reason is simple, it’s so relaxing as these digital services are built around human behavior to keep you engaged for as long as possible.

Do you know average humans check their phones 125 times in a day? It’s going really-really hard to just sit focused & create something. But once you get started doing it, it relatively feels much easier to create something. Momentum & repetition are two powerful things. They can be used for creating just as easy as consuming. The hardest part is about getting started & keep doing it repeatedly. No matter the outcome of the initial stage!

Balance is vital in consumption & creation. If everyone starts creating more than consumption then who is going to pay creators to create more. Also, I believe creating is not for everyone. I guess 90% people consumption material, apps are created by 10% people. It’s great to be part of that 10% & see people consuming your stuff. But truth be told, it’s much harder.