Reflections & looking forward

New year resolution are attempts of drastic changes in life. Breaking goals in small parts & constantly iterating them help you achieve your goal in a much better way. But it’s worth the effort to make some changes on how I want to spend my time. 2017 was a year full of learnings, adventure & setbacks. I also dedicate 2017 for taking the risk of quitting my job, starting my career as an independent designer & taking the decision to not be a part of Harbour Space University for my M.Des. In 2018, I want to move my needle to more creation, learning, focus on health & grow my own personal brand. I want to make 2018 to build a foundation to find a balance between professional & personal life.

Looking forward to 2018

  • Creation over consumption
  • Read at least 24 books
  • Build one new skill
  • Don’t settle & keep learning
  • Be empathetic & give more