Let me tell your story

Hello there, thanks for browsing my work & landing here. I am a humanitarian, portrait & street photographer. I love to observe candid moments & tell the stories through frames. For me, Photography a path to open yourself in order to make a picture that is your best effort at accurately conveying and representing the person or circumstance.



It's not just another pic of you, it's a glimpse of a moment of your soul. I establish a connection with people to make those photo sessions fun & comfortable. So whether you need a professional headshot updated, a corporate portrait session, a child portrait or a family portrait I would be thrilled to serve you.

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Humanitarian / Non-profits

Working locally with lots of NGOs has taught me how to approach people with respect and empathy. Everyone has a story. We can work together to communicate your message in a way that deeply connects your audience to your mission.

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What does it cost to hire you?

I have no set price list, but rather I listen carefully to what potential clients require and put together a unique proposal based on their needs. The best way to get a quote or more information is to send me an email outlining your requirements. We can then line up a time to talk in more detail. It’s also important to remember that you are not simply hiring me to ‘shoot some photos’, but rather, to listen to your needs and to build a relationship to help communicate through photography.

What does the process involve?

The process is never linear, but in short my process goes similar to this: Contact me > Listen to the client & define photography brief > Proposal > 50% deposit > Shoot > Final payment > Delivery .

What about out-station & destination shoots?

I am based out of New Delhi. But, I travel across the country on assignments. My service costs do not change with location but for all out-station & destination shoots, the extra travel costs and accommodation will have to be provided by the clients.

How do you accept payment?

For most projects, I request a 50% down payment to schedule in work. I accept payments via bank transfer, online(credit, debit or net banking) & check. The exact details and terms will be provided in my proposal. The final 50% will be paid on completion of the project, prior to releasing the final photos.

Will you share with us the dump of unedited or RAW images?

No. I take full responsibility to go through files to select the best ones on your behalf.

What about Copyrights and licensing?

As a photographer and the creator of photographs, I retain the copyrights of the photographs & can use them for my own promotion. As a client, you are given the license to make personal, non-commercial, commercial uses of your photographs. That would mean making countless prints/uploads/sharing online with friends, family or anyone.

When can we get started?

I only take on a few projects at a time to ensure that each client & project gets my deserved attention. Please send me an email to check my availability, as this changes all the time.


I would love to meet you. Better yet, let's make something beautiful together. Send me an email at hi@nishant.site & say hello!